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About ddfoton.com: Dave & Beau

Do your think you are missing out on an advertising position for your business? Have you plans to give up the nine to five and run your own business?

Do you just want to start your own blog about your passion?

Are you wondering how you will get a foothold on the internet?

ddfoston wp solutions was set up with you in mind

About Dave

As a retired Computer Science, IT and Maths teacher I worked in the UK for 15 years and overseas in Adelaide, Paris, Singapore and Geneva for the best part of 25 years.  I decided it was the right time for a change and what started out as just helping design websites for friends has developed into my new career. It gives me a chance to help others while doing something I thoroughly enjoy.

I live in France with my wife and our Golden Retriever, Beau. We run a blog, started in May 2013 called We Live in France.

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